Inside Nianda Speaks “Homeostasis Part 1”

This is a video series of pieces I entitle homeostasis. If you don’t know what it means, please look it up, and see how it relates to the piece. Hope ya’ll enjoy. God bless.

Inside Nianda Speaks: Father 2 Child Graduation Speech

June 12, 2013 I graduated from a dynamic program called Father 2 Child here in San Diego, CA. This outstanding 12 week program has taught me so much about manhood, parenting, my marriage, and about life itself. What we want to do is promote fatherhood in the black community, because there are men who are great fathers and there are also men who struggle in knowing what they’re responsibilities are. This program mixes the 2 worlds so we can learn and understand one another and also change the perception in our communities that black men just don’t give a damn about their kids.

This is my first speech and I was hoping to get some constructive criticism also. Please visit my blog, , visit the Father 2 Child Facebook page and like us please, and also check out one of Father 2 Child’s newest members Darren Sherril’s new single “A Man of My Word” at and download.