Inside Nianda Speaks: The NIGGA Project Part 1

Even though we as a generation have glorified the word “nigga,” (I’m guilty of it too) it still has a negative effect on our communities because we do not understand the meaning behind the word.

This short documentary, made with limited resources and time, is proof that anyone can promote a cause for change when our minds and hearts are determined with the right spirit.

My hope is that this documentary will spark some discussion and debate on the word “nigga” and its use in our communities, to bring about positive change in our people. Please Like, share, comment and enjoy!!!

Again I thank all those who participated in making this documentary come true. It’s my life’s passion to educate and inform for the advancement of all Original Asiatic people, Truth be told, these are not the words of Nianda.. These are the voices of our community expressing themselves, no prompt or guidance in anyway. It was a joy making this documentary and showcasing how some really feel about the word. Its not intended in anyway to make a profit or glorify the word. I hope it’s taken as such.

God bless yall.

Tracks used

“The Bluff” by Wiz Khalifa feat Cam’ron
“My Nigga” by YG feat Young Jeezy and Rich Homie Quan
“N.I.G.G.E..R.” by Nas

If You Support Syrian Intervention….. Part 2

So, as time passes, President Obama waits for congressional approval, and the American people are adimately saying “Dont do this….” the more things come out about this issue of Syria and what to do. My opinion is obvious. The international world is crying out for The Unoted States to pump the brakes but we don’t hear that. We hear the drums of war beating loudly, almost hypnotizing us into a deep sleep, slowly. If we wake up we’ll ask ourselves, how did we get here……

If You Support Syrian Intervention…… Part 1

Please. Just watch this video. It speaks volumes and if this is public information just imagine what President Obama has in these “classified” documents in support of intervention in Syria, and still willing to launch attack. He cannot be that weak of a President.