Happiness Happened

In this season of my life
I’m realizing the amazement
That happens when
Happiness happens.

Happiness happens
When in the aftermath of a loss,
You can come home
To the one you love
And gain everything back.

Happiness happens
When a kiss on the forehead
Takes past hurts away.

Happiness happens
When you seek to understand
Before being understood.

Happiness happens
When you feel your child’s arms
Around your neck
Or when you can feel the
Authenticity of their laughter,
Even if for a brief moment.

Happiness happens
When you attempt
To fade into the background,
But a stranger’s greeting brings
Your self to the forfront.

Happiness happens
When you receive divine instruction
From a respectable source.

Happiness happens
When your dying perspective
Shifts into life giving prophesy.

Happiness happens
When you are open to receiving it.
Its found in eternal experiences,
Not superficial pursuits.

Happiness happened for me.



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