Building Blocks to Life

The world
is in desperate need of
Original thinkers.
Philosophers, who dare to speak
Fresh truth to power.
Not for the sake of gaining
Meaningless self comforts
But to empower;
To encourage thoughtful conversation.
True influence encourages
Not to be easily influenced;
To think for yourselves
To enhance your life experience.

Negativity originates from a source
Outside of the self,
Because the self only acts to build.
To connect.
To create not to destroy.
Ideas built on grains of Negativity never stand
Because the self was not involved.

Self reflected thoughts
Matter simply
Because they don’t conform
To the “norms” of a dying collective;
So challenge yourself
To think radically.
Think to build and create.
Think to love and harmonize. Think with originality,
One original thought
Can save your life
And the lives of humanity.



7 thoughts on “Building Blocks to Life

  1. I believe all thought, negative and positive, originates in the human being. I believe we label ourselves, or we get labeled by others, then we label others, then before you know it…bammm! World War whatever. With neighbors, friends, other countries, and the list goes on. I believe the world can do better than this. What is the choice we will make? What choice do we believe we have?

    1. Right on. This concept is something I admit I struggle with.

      We have have the power to create and destroy right but how does one know it can destroy unless that concept is introduced to them? Or are we born with the concept of destruction and it just lays dormant?? Im so curious to know how the concious family thinks about it because I wrestled with it while writing that post and ultimately came to it originating outside of us…

  2. I have a very profound feeling that we’re heading in the right direction, step by step, flash of inspiration by flash of inspiration. Once paradigms start to shift they begin to spiral, and the opening of minds seems, to me, to be like a modern deluge: washing away negativity and dogma, leaving the minds of our young open and curious. The next generation will be one of original thinkers. I believe it.

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