About Inside Nianda Speaks

poster_from_postermywall3Inside Nianda Speaks (Mulemvo Nianda) is a motivational poet, author, filmmaker, and activist from the DR Congo.

Nianda completed 2 seasons on RestlessNationRadio.com, spearheading the social justice talk radio show “The Put YOU On Morning Show,” which discussed issues, impacts, and solutions concerning the Black Community. He has been featured in such periodicals as the San Diego Voice & Viewpoint, The San Diego City Beat Magazine, and the SDCCD City Times.

He has directed and executive produced 2 documentary films entitled “The NIGGA PROJECT Experience,” (which analyzes the use of the “N” word” through the lens of various demographics in San Diego, CA) and “My Community” (starring artist Juanita Boyer, which highlights the beauty and creativity within the Black community despite socially conditioned poverty, violence, and self hatred). Using visual aids as an educational tool, Inside Nianda Speaks has facilitated workshops in San Diego, CA to aid in the process of mending the psychological damage due to Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome. Such workshops have been held at San Diego State University, SDCCD City College, Abraham Lincoln High School, Gompers Preparatory Academy, The Urban League of San Diego, The Jacob’s Center for Community Innovation, and the Malcolm X Library.

As a strong and dedicated revolutionary poet, lecturer, and activist, Inside Nianda Speaks has led the charge serving in many capacities across the nation. In 2013 he held the privilege of opening for artists such as comedian Reggie Reg and world renowned thespian Daniel Beaty at the Mental Health America’s Father2Child Graduation Ceremony and has also spoken for the SDCCD’s Rites of Passage Ceremony, honoring the Black graduating class of 2014.

In July of 2014 he organized the Know Thy Self Spoken Word Competition, a fundraiser for the Stephen Pierce Foundation which provides scholarships to disadvantaged youth scholar-athletes. In that  same month he held the You Speak! Youth Conference, which provided youth an opportunity to voice their concerns and opinions about the San Diego community in the presence of elders. On top of his community presence, Inside Nianda Speaks has been published in the 2013-2014 San Diego Poetry Annual for his piece “Mama Africa” which discusses the devastating effects of violent rapes that have swept the African continent for quite some time.

On Valentine’s Day of 2016, Inside Nianda Speaks released “The Love Experience,” A spoken word journey through the story of love, a musical project showcasing his spoken word talent and affinity for storytelling. Then in March of 2018 he released his first poetic epic entitled “Until Next Time… The Evolution of a Broken Heart.” He is also dedicated on releasing a series entitled The Epistemology, to inspire all age groups to think and speak for themselves, and to tell their own story which includes past failures and mistakes.

In MeInside Nianda Speaks believes the expression of your own truth is the key that opens the door to the impossible. His motto “Divine Purpose. Walk in it. Stop talking.” allows him to do just that.

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