After the Laughter: Open Letter to Comedian Reggie Reg



Dear Reggie Reg,

First of all, I just want to say thank you again, for the opportunity to open up for you sir. Spoken word and a comedic performance go hand in hand in my point of view. We both use words, no music, as an artistic expression to communicate our perceptions or passions on a subject in a way that causes the audience to experience different emotions. Our artistries can also be seen as our way of being transparent to encourage an audience to action….

What pushed me to write this letter is not only my identification with your artistry, but your bravery; to step out of your “expected niche” of making people laugh, to end the show with a serious segment on the state of our people and what we need to do to fix it.

The impressions were dead on, the jokes were off the chain, and the whole theater damn near died laughing. Im sure you view laughter as natural medicine. We need to laugh to temporarily forget our issues, our pains, our frustrations and worries. You helped us do that last night. But you ended the show by stepping out the box; almost saying “Even though the NOI united for a time to laugh, our people as a whole is in desperate need of unity…… or the laughter will be cease to exist…..”

So what happens after the laughter?

Black people are scattered and disconnected; by church affiliations or religions (Pentacostal or Nation of Islam), by cultural differences (black Americans or Nigerians), by generational gaps, by skin color, by socio-economic ideologies (ghetto mentality or bourgeoisie), and the list goes on right? We catagorize ourselves. Label ourselves. Seperate ourselves from ourselves. And the only way we all can advance is if we unite, create, and define for ourselves.

I appreciated your transparency; to give a message that embraced our people despite your celebrity; to still be an artist after all the years of dealing with Hollywood; to use your comedic platform as a way to spread a positive cause.

Thank you for blessing San Diego. I wish more would’ve witnessed it but at the same time, those who were there are the ones that were meant to hear the charge and run with it. I pray we take heed.

We have leadership in this city that can do great things for the black community. We’re just so disconnected. Everyone has their own agenda; their own problems to fix. But if we come together, address the concerns together, we can cure the concerns, together.

Again sir thank you for opportunity to open for you and blessings be upon you and yours.

Much respect,

Inside Nianda Speaks