Called to Influence

Influential people
Often question thier sanity. Escaping the collective
Is a lonely and difficult process,
But is necessary to end
The conditions that
Plague the individual.

To those who are called greatness:
Express eternal words and actions
That exist beyond your
Natural eyes can see.
Your righteous influence
May not manifest until after
This physical body is dust.


The Honorable Frederick Douglass



I haven’t forgotten my WordPress family. I’m still here, forming ideas, shaping realities… generating an awakening. I love you all. I never thought people would actually think my voice had impact; and although divided by screens, satellites, and wires…. we share a connection. Something I have said sparked a strong enough intrigue to attract your regular attention. And that means more to me than any amount of money. Because through money are means of bondage. But through people, you can find means to freedom. Let’s choose to be free….

If any of you are in the San Diego, CA or nearby areas I would like to cordially invite you to the discussion and premier of THE NIGGA PROJECT Parts 1 & 2, a two part documentary on the “N” word from the
perspective of my predecessors in the African American community. This ground breaking film directed, produced and presented by Inside Nianda Speaks is targeted at the young generation (ages 13-29), who use the term so loosely and have no idea the degradation or destruction behind the context of the word’s intent towards our people.

The event will take place on February 13, 2014 at the San Diego Urban League at 720 Gateway Center Drive San Diego, CA 92120 at 6pm-8pm. $5 Donations gladly appreciated. All proceeds will go to the start up of the non-profit organization Divine Purpose, who’s mission is to educate, enlighten, and awaken the minds of African Americans by using various forms of the critical pedagogic method.

Thank you for commitment to our community. Please invite anyone you think would benefit and we hope to see you there.

Live for truth.

God bless.

If You Support Syrian Intervention….. Part 2

So, as time passes, President Obama waits for congressional approval, and the American people are adimately saying “Dont do this….” the more things come out about this issue of Syria and what to do. My opinion is obvious. The international world is crying out for The Unoted States to pump the brakes but we don’t hear that. We hear the drums of war beating loudly, almost hypnotizing us into a deep sleep, slowly. If we wake up we’ll ask ourselves, how did we get here……

If You Support Syrian Intervention…… Part 1

Please. Just watch this video. It speaks volumes and if this is public information just imagine what President Obama has in these “classified” documents in support of intervention in Syria, and still willing to launch attack. He cannot be that weak of a President.