Inside Nianda Speaks Preforms at The Venue on 35th’s Feature Sundays Part 2

Every last Sunday of the month The Venue on 35th in Norfolk, VA hosts an event called Feature Sundays, where artists from all over Virginia come and showcase their talents.

I was blessed with an opportunity to be on stage and pour out my heart. Thank you to all who attended and gave their hearts and ears to my view of life. It was an incredible experience.

Inside Nianda Speaks: Injuncted

Gang injunctions are a serious issue in CA, disproportionately locking up men and women of color in unprecedented numbers. My hope is through this spoken word piece more people will be aware of this overreach in civil liberties, and that justice will prevail for the men and women who are unjustly sitting in California jails awaiting trials at this very moment. For more information please visit

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